About of “HATEF-SHAHR” Cultural Institute

Affiliated to the Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran Municipality The subject of culture is one of the biggest and most important concerns of our society today.
A society that, due to the rapid development of technology in it, today's human being, in the face of many daily routines and worries of life, needs a path where it will stop a little and its tired soul relax in it.
The window that opens to him whit the perfume of the “Ahlul Bayt” That is full of will be intimacy and purity.
For this view, the “HATEF-SHAHR” with the aim of directing the cultural talents and cultural potential of the city, by the cultural and artistic organization of the municipality of Tehran, began to work in 2005 with the use of specialized forces in the field of culture and advertising, by examining the dimension’s Different cultures will create new opportunities for the upgrading of cultural activities and Reach this important to their true status.
One of the most important goals of the “HATEF-SHAHR” Institute for this cultural and social mission is the development of the ways in which culture, art, social happiness can be creating to city.
The cultural and artistic organization of the Municipality of Tehran owns 99% of the shares of this institution and is managed by that organization.
It has sub-collections such as Digital Publishing, 3D, 5D, and 7D Cinemas and urban TVs and decor.
It is fully prepared to host all cultural and artistic programs in all cities and towns of the country and around the world.